iDeals vs Firmex Comparison Review

The joint use of data room services that are keeping systems and information repositories, allows you to systematize and combine information, which facilitates its analysis and reporting. Choose the best among iDeals and Firmex virtual data rooms.

The Main iDeals Advantages over Firmex

Internet users create more content than ever before, and their words, photos, videos, and other content can make a big difference to your brand and sales growth. People can create content without encouragement, but support will help build a team of thought leaders. Another strategy is to pay bloggers and other opinion leaders to discuss a product or service.

The iDeals document management system allows you to solve all common problems in the process of working with documents, namely: registration and input of documents, their search, routing, reporting, archiving, establishing access rights to the system, then choosing a system that requires a belief that the system will really ensure that such tasks are performed.

The choice of technologies presented was also due to the fact that they are all free and do not require costs to use, and the community of developers is large enough to solve possible problems associated with the internal implementation of the libraries used. To improve your collaboration on a project, use the iDeals data room. It works like a secure email inside a virtual data room. With it, you can communicate with users and answer their questions:

  • Work and communicate in a single secure environment without relying on email.
  • Set the priority level according to the urgency: High, Medium, or Low.
  • Assign questions to one of the following statuses: Awaiting Answer, In Progress, Requested from An Expert, Answered By Me, or Closed.
  • Use the Attachment feature to securely share files in the virtual data room. You no longer need to rely on FTP or file-sharing services.
  • Save time with the FAQ section, where you can post answers to the most common questions.
  • Follow Q&A with instant notifications of new questions.

What Should You Know About the Firmex Data Room?

With the Firmex data room server, you do not need to manually reproduce documents, track the movement of paper documents within the organization, control the transfer of confidential information, and significantly reduce labor costs. Through automatic control of execution and activity at all stages of work with documents cardinally improves the quality of work of executors, making the terms of preparation of documents more predictable and managed.

Since Firmex is online, it only takes a few clicks to get the information you are looking for. Copying and printing them and distributing them to stakeholders also takes a very short time – minutes, even seconds – so it definitely saves a lot of time. This access speed, which is mainly due to its online function, is one of the key reasons why VDRs have become more popular over the past few years.

That is why when choosing a data room provider, it is important to take into account the services and technical requirements for it. For full-fledged work with the system, first of all, a training course is necessary. In this case, the developer must provide ongoing operational technical support. The system installation and configuration services offered by the developers are optional and may be required only if the IT specialists themselves are unable to adapt and commission the system on their own.