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How To Fix The White Screen Of Death Error In WordPress

Common Errors in WordPress

Many of the times you can see that White Screen Of Death Error occurred in WordPress. Generally, the White screen of death occurs due to the memory limit get exhausted, Some cache may cause the error or by the poorly coded theme or plugins. This error occurs in some part of your site. Some other areas will work properly.

Memory limit:

We need to increase the memory limit because the uploaded file will exceed the limit. To increase the memory limit we need to go to MultiPHP INI editor, here we can increase the memory limit.

You can increase the PHP memory limit in two ways. You can increase the PHP memory limit through cPanel or you can increase the PHP memory limit through wp-config.php.

Another way is we go to wp-config.php  add the code “define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’,’124M’) “ we can increase the limit as we need.

You can refer here to know in detail steps for how to increase the PHP memory limit.

 Themes or Plugins: 

After increasing the memory limit the trouble not get clear means check the error may happen in themes or plugins.

First, we see in themes. Deactivate the theme which you are using on your site. After deactivating it automatically activate the default theme.  If the error is sorted after changing to the default theme means this error occurred by the theme which you installed to sort the error occurred in the theme.

For plugins first, deactivate all the plugins and check the site is working or not. If the site is working then the error happens only in plugins. Then activate plugins one by one and you will find which plugin is causing the issue. You can remove it or sort the issue that occurred by the plugins.

Error occurred by caches:

Sometimes the error may occur due to caches. To sort out this problem first we clear all the browsing history in our system and once again reload the site, check it’s working or not. Or if you installed the cache plugin then you need to clear the cache of your plugins then check your site is working.

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