Internal Server Error in WordPress

How To Fix “Internal Server Error” In WordPress

Common Errors in WordPress

We have discussed what are the common error occurred in WordPress and how to fix them. And now we are going to discuss “Internal Server Error” and How to fix this error.

We have noticed that our website is displaying the Internal Server Error. It is the most common error and we can solve it easily by ourselves. The Internal server error occurs when there is an error occurred by our server or by the files in our websites. The internal server error is often caused by plugins, themes, .htaccess file, and increase memory limit.

Error occurred in .htaccess file:

If the error occurred in .htaccess file, Login to your cPanel account and go to file manager and open public_html.

Select the file .htaccess  and rename it as .htaccess_old  and go to your WordPress account and check it is working or not. If it is working properly go to settings permalinks and click save changes. The new .htaccess file will automatically get generated.

Increase PHP Memory Limit:

Sometimes the internal server error occurred by PHP Memory limit,  to solve it you have to increase the PHP memory limit. You can increase the PHP memory limit in 2 ways.

  1. Increase the PHP memory limit  through cPanel
  2. Increase the PHP memory limit through wp-config.php

Error caused by plugins:

If the plugins get interrupted go to wp-content and click on plugins folder and rename it as plugins_deactivate. After deactivating load your site and check it’s working or not. If it is working properly some error occurred in plugins. After that rename, the plugins_ deactivate folder into plugins.  Now go to the wp-admin page, go to plugins and activate the plugins individually one by one, you will easily find out which plugin is the cause of this error.

Error caused by themes:

Sometimes errors occurred by your themes also. You can deactivate the theme which is currently active on your site. If the default theme is available as the site is automatically loaded with the default theme. If your site is working fine means the error occurred by your theme.

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