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What is vdr for the companies future?

One of the most continent ways to fulfill companies’ strategies and work only with the most progressive functions, business owners should be cautious about their decisions. We propose for you forget about limits and spend enough time investigating possibilities that can be implemented inside the business. Ready to start a more progressive working environment? What […]


How Sales and Marketing Teams Can Benefit from Using a Data Room?

Some companies do not pay due attention to promotion through data room services and eventually decide that it would be more practical not to invest in this channel at all. And all because with a low level of involvement, marketing and sales on social networks do not contribute to increasing brand awareness. The Presence of […]


iDeals vs Firmex Comparison Review

The joint use of data room services that are keeping systems and information repositories, allows you to systematize and combine information, which facilitates its analysis and reporting. Choose the best among iDeals and Firmex virtual data rooms. The Main iDeals Advantages over Firmex Internet users create more content than ever before, and their words, photos, […]


Main Differences Between FTP and VDR

Virtual data room’s functionality allows you to host multiple databases on multiple physical servers, and these databases can easily share data and maintain the integrity that is impossible in the case of using FTP. What Is an FTP Server and What Is It for? Each scientific institution has its own determinants of activity, its own […]