Expired Domains

What is Expired Domain And Things Need To Know Before Buying Domains


In our Budget Blogging today we are going to discuss what is expired domains and what are things need to know before buying the expired domains.

What Is Expired Domain?

Expired domains are the domains that are used by the individual or organizations. The Domains get expired when the domain registrar does not renew the domain it becomes the expired domains and available to purchase. Once the domain gets expired you will able to buy only in the auction or it may be purchased by the other person. The main advantage of purchasing the expired domains that the domains already have good backlinks which help to increase the ranking of your sites. If you purchase the new domain you have to do a lot of things to increase the traffic of your sites.

Things need to know before buying expired domains:

  1. Check Domain Authority and Page Authority of your domain
  2. Check for Google banned your domain
  3. Check for Google Adsense Ban
  4. Check  Archive of your website
  5. Check for Chinese backlinks

Check Domain Authority and Page Authority of your domain:

Every day thousands of domains are getting expired. The Domain Authority and Page Authority of your domain are very important which helps you to find the quality of the expired domains when the website is live.

The tool used to check the domain authority and page authority is Domain Authority Checker.

Check for Google Banned your domain:

If the domain authority and the page authority of your domain are good then you have to check for Google is banned your domain or not from their search engines.

You can use Google Banned Checker Tool to check your website is Google Banned or not.

If the domain is very good and you need to buy it means then you can use the Google Reconsideration Request and request them to unban the domain.

Check for Google Adsense Ban:

You will find hundreds of expired domains which are Google Adsense banned. So if you are thinking to build a website on an expired domain then this must be your first step before buying any domain. Because in the end we are buying a domain to make money online and if it is already banned then it is no use for us.

AdSense Checker is such a tool that will help you to find the AdSense ban.

Check Archive Of your domain:

If you are purchasing the expired domain then you have to know what type of domain it is running before getting expired.

Archive is a tool used to check it.

Check for Chinese Backlinks:

Generally, most of the expired domains are backlinked with spammed Chinese links.

You can check these with aHrefs.

Just put your domain name in ahrefs site explorer and go in the backlinks section. If there are many Chinese backlinks and many anchor texts with different languages, so avoid those domain names.

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