Top 3 Steps That You Need to Follow in Search Engine Optimization

We here at RepricerExpress have written plenty about the importance of SEO and all the different components you need to focus on, but sometimes it helps to have a little checklist to refer to. The crux of the message can get lost over time, so we’ve compiled a list of what we think are the most important points to follow when it comes to SEO and keyword research for Amazon sellers.

1. Target Your SEO to Your Audience

It’s easy to think of SEO as having a one-size-fits-all feel, but different search engines demand different things. What works for Google may not necessarily be in the same order as for Amazon, so remember when you’re working on your SEO as an Amazon seller to target that specific audience. The biggest difference is that with Amazon, you have to be far more detailed than you would on Google.

2. Know What Your Amazon Audience is Searching For

Putting together a list of general keywords is easy; it involves things like ‘books’, ‘DVDs’, ‘clothing’, ‘Kindle’, and the like. In other words, it’s the broadest definition of the type of product you’re selling. And it’s also what’s going to water down your SEO ranking because all your competitors will be doing the same. Instead, come up with tiers of keywords based on your research that narrow down the scope, like ‘Kindle Fire HD’, ‘Blu-Ray’, ‘men’s hoodies’ and ‘first edition books’.

3. Adhere to Amazon’s SEO Structure

Amazon has a very specific way they want their sellers to input information for their own search engine, and you’d do very well to follow it to the letter. In a way, it’s easier than formulating your SEO for Google because Amazon’s already done their own research. They want certain types of words and phrases that’ll result in conversions because their main aim is to sell products, so give them what they want. Having said that, it’s important to remember to…

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