iPage Advantages over Hostgator

COMPLEXITY. The process of getting the website on the server plus the details that follow after are not among the easiest. Note that this happens despite all the available resources.

SUPPORT. On the other side of supporting you with your hosting transfer and questions that appear along the way, support isn’t preventing problems. That leads to constant repetitive issues you come across that are only solved temporarily. Backups are done weekly but not to its greatest extent. Malware scan happens now and then, but not often enough to prevent all the viruses that might happen in between.

LIMITED FREE STUFF. You surely get something, but not as much as you would get with GoDaddy or BlueHost. Among few things are the credits of $100 value for AdWords. Also, a 45-day guarantee followed. However, no Yahoo or YouTube credits. Not that it matters while getting a cheap offer, but it’s a great addition to be spent usually.

iPAGE – Honestly Cheap and Secured

iPage is part of Endurance International Group (EIG), developed parallel to other huge names like BlueHost, HostMonsters, FatCow, only to mention a few. All of them have grown under the umbrella of the EIG. Six office locations, over a million websites hosted, is just the top of the iceberg called iPage Hosting. iPage has generous offers and no year based contracts. But let us describe you both side of the moon.


HONESTLY CHEAP PRICE. Like really cheap, no doubts for the price of $1.99 per month. These do not only apply for a 36-month deal but can be also requested for shorter periods, spanning one year. And there is no trick that comes along after a while, making you pay more. However, pay attention to when the low-priced period ends – this is when higher prices come up.

It offers good deals of disk space, data transfer and of course a package of email addresses.

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