Importance of Keyword Search in SEO

Write Compelling, Unique Copy

Once you’ve filled in the first part of things on Amazon — the formulaic part — it’s time to get a little creative. Remember, your top goal is to convert hits into sales, so write the kind of copy that will do that. If you’re feeling stuck, tell your buyers how the product will work for them rather than simply describing it. Put the product in the consumer’s life and soon, it really will be there.

Fill In As Much Information As Possible

There’s no reason why any of the information fields should be blank — ever. If a manufacturer made it, then the information is out there. And if you made it, then you already know all the information. Empty fields means a risk of shoppers accidentally skipping over your listing because you haven’t told them you’ve got what they’re looking for.

Differentiate Between Keywords and Longtail Keywords

The only thing you have to remember here are longtail keywords are a string of three or more keywords. That’s at its simplest, though. If you need motivation on why they’re so important, keep in mind that they make up almost three-quarters of searches online. And the more searches you have, the better your odds of converting.

Tailor Your Keywords According to Competitiveness

In this instance, we’re not talking about the sellers you’re competing with — or at least, not directly. Instead, keywords are competing against one another out there and your job is to break away from the pack a little bit. The best case scenario is hitting upon keywords that are high in search volume and low in competition and finding them is a bit like practising your basketball skills until you can sink more shots than not. It takes mostly patience and persistence in uncovering them, and also a bit of luck. Speaking of competition…

Ignore Your Competitors

In the case of SEO, it’s best to put on a pair of blinders and forge ahead. No two Amazon sellers are exactly alike and measuring yourself by another’s standards isn’t the best way to go. Of course, you want to be generally in the know about what your competitors are doing, particularly on price, but it’s a far better idea to spend that time developing your own SEO strategies.

Be Consistent

The key is to strike that nice balance between getting the formula down and still being unique and creative. As we mentioned before in previous points, Amazon has their own way of designing their search engine and what information ranks highest, but you want to temper that with good copy. At the end of the day, don’t stray too far in one direction or another and use essentially the same approach. For example, your product titles should always have the same order of keywords, regardless of the variation; in the product description, you can make the product come alive.

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