connection timed out error in WordPress

How To Fix “The Connection Has Timed Out” Error In WordPress

Common Errors in WordPress

In our Blog, we are discussing the common error in WordPress and how to fix them. Now we are going to discuss “How to fix the connection has timed out error in WordPress”.

The Connection Has Timed Out Error

The connection has timed out error is the most common error and occurred in the shared hosting because when our website tries to access more resources in the server. The connection time out error occurred mainly if the execution time gets over, themes and plugins get affected, or to increase the PHP memory limit.

Increase Execution Time:

If the execution time is taking more we need to increase the execution time.

To increase the execution time:

  • Login to your cPanel account and search for the MultiPHP INI editor.
  • In that select your location and go to max execution time and you will increase the execution time. By default, it will be 30secs.

max execution time

Increase PHP Memory Limit:

If the error not get sorted you need to increase the PHP memory limit. You can increase the PHP memory limit in two ways.

  • Increase the PHP memory limit  through cPanel
  • Increase the PHP memory limit through wp-config.php

Error occurred by Themes:

If the error not get sorted you need to check the themes. Click on the default themes and check your site getting loaded. If it is getting loaded then the error occurred due to your themes.

Error occurred by Themes:

Still, your site is not working you need to check in plugins. Deactivate all the plugins and then activate them one by one and you will find which plugin is making trouble to your site.

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