All You Need to Know about Hostgator

HostGator, a business-oriented hosting company will amaze you with the best price versus offer options and 99% uptime guarantee. Meanwhile, iPage will debate to offer better domain and bandwidth options along with money back guarantee.

HostGator ADVANTAGES (+)

A Leading Business Hosting – this is what you will probably hear about HostGator first. Hostings are generally competitive, each offering a special solution, different from another. HostGator has its own offers that delimit it as a leader in the business industry. Let’s see how exactly.

COST vs. OFFER. HostGator is inexpensive. Even their Baby plan, usual medium package, has all needed unlimited features. And the Business plan they have designed comes with premium options at a really low cost. Plus, you got to see the deals they are negotiating every now and then:

UPTIME 99%. Best companies are struggling to this point. It’s like balancing with 3 balls; you know there might come that moment when you lose it. However, HostGator invests in checking every 24 h its technology for any potential break, as much as in technical assistance.  99% uptime means max 8 downtimes per year, and so far the clients report even fewer. Well, except for the notable fall in August 2013.

GREAT SUPPORT & USER-FRIENDLY. Whenever you find yourself setting up your website on a new platform, be sure: with HostGator you will do it right. Because there is no need to do it yourself. You just send the necessary credentials to the support team and they do it for you. But if you plan to do it manually, here is an easy to follow tutorial on how to do it right and fast.

As for the system it uses – meet the standard and most popular tool, called cPanel. This tool represents a software that helps you manage your website’s backend. The tool, besides being easy to use, it has lots of related tutorials regarding how to use it. HostGator also offers File Transfer Protocol to prepare the website transfer. Finally, lots of guides for any newcomer for this hosting is available upon signing up.

GREEN WEB HOSTING. HostGator’s offer includes the line about environmental protection while hosting your website. Among its resources, they say the company sustains construction of natural power plants that can obtain renewable energy. This means some of the energy that runs in order to keep your website going is taken from wind farms instead of coal plants.

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